Friday, September 3, 2010

You can call me Rach. ;)

The next day here Joe went with our supervisor, Frank, to the primary school to serve breakfast.  Joe said it was a wonderful experience. (Me and the boys get to go next week!) 

Joe spotted a cute little Aussie girl with big blue eyes and blond braided pig tails, and he said his heart just melted. 
She walked up and said,  
and then looked and Joe and said,  
"umm, who are you?!" 

And Joe said  
"Well, hi! My name is Joseph. What's your name?"

Then the little girl looked up at him and said, while batting her eyes, " can call me Rach." 

We're here for a whole 3 days, and Joseph is already getting hit on by the Australian woman.

But hey, who can blame them?

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