Friday, September 3, 2010

Evidently, I'm still nursing

Well, we made it!

On here I want to share a few stories that have happened so far.
So, this should be interesting...

On the plane...

We had a wonderful flight from OKC to LAX! They boys did great, fell asleep on the flight and stayed asleep even when we boarded Air New Zealand.

So, this is where my story begins...

I was holding Pax while the other passengers were boarding the plane. Then a man who was a flight attendant came up to me and said...

 “If you are going to nurse your baby on the flight you will have to use this special seat belt.”

Well, for those of us who have nursed our children, for any amount of time,  and successfully weaned them, this statement would, well, have you rather taken back.

It’s not that those first few months,
that your child was attached to your breast,
weren’t precious and unbelievably special beyond all reason.
It’s just that once that time is over you have a sense of overwhelming satisfaction that, “You did it!” and even, liberation! “I’m FINALLY free!” 
No worrying about where you are in 3 hours, 
or if you left enough milk with the sitter,
or if it’s been too long since your baby ate, 
and even “Oh no! Is my milk drying up?” 

No more scrambling to find the Lansinoh, 
checking your shirt in the supermarket to find that the crying baby 3 isles over is causing you to lactate through your shirt,
or wondering if THIS time your baby actually bit your nipple off! 

Oh no, it’s over.  

Chalk your name up as one of 
the greatest mothers whom have ever lived!
A saint!
You’re up there with mother Mary herself!
You have successfully breastfed your child.

But I didn’t let my feelings towards this affect my answer I just said...
 “Oh. Umm, ok.”  (That’s right, I handled it like a pro.)
And he proceeded to say...

“It’s no problem if you nurse the baby the whole flight! We don’t mind! (with a huge smile on his face) Just take this and you’ll be good to go! We love babies and don’t mind if you nurse them at all! It’s a long flight and most babies do need to be nursed, it’s only natural. Well, enjoy the flight and let me know if you need anything!” :)

Good thing Nancy Hartman explained to me that ‘NURSING’ 
in New Zealand and Australia means 
to “hold” and not “breastfeed.” 

whew...crisis adverted. :)


  1. ok BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I'm cracking up at your posts! You're so funny! Omg, k i really need to go to the gym... lol

  2. That is too funny. So glad that Nancy explained the terminology to you or else you'd have been thinking that flight attendant was getting way too personal.