Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Tales of Jude the Bird

The Tales of Jude the Bird

So, I just wanted to start dedicating some of my posts to Jude.  

Evidently he is quite the storyteller, and I hope everyone will enjoy this. 

Jude was playing quietly in his room then all of a sudden I hear...
Jude:   AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!  OUCH!  AHHHH!!!!!!!!
Me: JUDE! Are you ok? What’s happened?
Jude: Hurry mommy come quick! In my room!
Me: Oh my what is it?
Jude: Look at my face mommy that snake bit my     face!!!!!
Me: *totally terrified looking around for a snake, I’m...speechless*
Jude: Do you see it mommy? 
Finally, I see it. There it was sitting on his bed, a 4 inch rubber snake. 
Me: Oh, I see. That snake bit you?
Jude: Yes! He was not a nice snake after all!!! He is  sitting on the bed and got 2 spankings!

I’m not sure where but somehow Jude got the “I’m old enough now to call my parents whatever I want” memo. 
So he thinks it’s pretty cool to call Joseph, Dad.  He thinks it’s so cool, he doesn’t know when to stop using this new, proper noun.
Jude: Hey Dad. Hey, Dad, let’s go play Dad. I think you’re pretty cool Dad. 
He also likes Joe.
Jude: Hey Joe. I need some more juice please Joe. Oh and Joe after that we need to play Joe.  Joe let’s play trains please sir Joe.

*The Balentine Curse is already setting in. I was calling Jude, Babe. Someone please say a quick prayer.*

Me: Hey Babe, don’t forget your blanket
Jude: Hey! I’m not your babe! Daddy is your babe!  I’m just Jude Bird Alan Buck! 

Me: Jude! What is this mess?  There are crackers everywhere! All over the floor! What happened? 
Jude: Oh well... I was eating them and then Pax came over and and and started to put them in his face and and then he pooped them out all over the floor!
Me: Oh my! Is that really what happened? 
Jude: Yes mommy! I saw it with both my eyes!
*Jude told this story earlier this summer but I thought it was definitely worth retelling*
Joe: Jude, do you like it here in Florida? 
Jude: Yes I really do.
Joe: Do you like Oklahoma too?
Jude:   No! One time in Oklahoma, I...I...I kicked a big giant bush and and a snake came out and bite my nipple off!!

Lightning McQueen:   Yeah thanks Grandpa! ...huh, Idiot
Mother of the year:  Oh that is not nice.  We don’t say things like that. 
Jude:  That’s right!! We don’t say  GRANDPA! That is not nice after all!!
Pax: (2 inches from the tv)  EE-EE! EE-EE! (I’m assuming he was saying Idiot.)

So Mr. Pax is talking up a storm with new words nearly every day.  Mainly just one word at a time, and sometimes two. 
But everyone over here has decided there is only one word that describes Pax perfectly, and that is “Cheeky.” 

I really have no idea what that means but I think I’m getting a clue.  Because people only say this after he gives them “the look.”  The look that’s kind of a smirk... with a twinkle in his eye and half smile that says , ‘hold on to your daughters and take a seat! I’m about to show you how things are done around here!’ 

But, on a more positive note! Pax has been so sweet.  And mostly gets in trouble for trying to hug Jude all the time, and is really big into giving kisses.  So much so, he often gets in trouble with the ladies.  

*coming very soon, the Pax-Files*