Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cardinal Sin

So, we took the boys on a train ride last Monday into Sydney

 They were so excited about getting to ride the train... you can tell.

But we had a good time! :) 

While we were in Sydney we bought the boys pencils with a kangaroo and koala toppers. 

Anyways, Pax feel asleep on the way back to Campbelltown and Jude was playing with the pencils.  

Let me just say that we were riding the train back during the evening rush hour, 
so there were a lot of people on the train.

Then all of a sudden Jude YELLS...

And we said, 
"Jude! What happened?"

Jude said, 
"That Koala bit my face!"

Then I brilliantly said, 
"Why, that mean ol' koala bear!!" 

After I said that noticed every eye on the train look up from their books and newspapers to stare at me. ...and even snicker. 

Then Joe looked at me and said, 
"Uhh...babe. It's not a bear. It's like a Cardinal Sin here to call the koala a bear." 

Evidently, he was right.

How was I suppose to remember 
2nd grade science?

  That the 'Koala Bear' isn't really a bear but a marsupial!  

Australian's even have a song they teach their kids about the koala not being a bear. 


Well...never again. 

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  1. Hi Tiffany! I just found your blog through Facebook. I can't believe you guys are in Australia! What an adventure you will have. Your boys are beautiful!